‘The Cookout’ alliance ensures that the first black winner of Big Brother will be crowned this season

A seemingly impossible goal was achieved this season of Big Brother. ‘The Cookout’ alliance of Big Brother, created on day 1 of the game, achieved their goal of bringing all 6 black contestants to the end of the game, ensuring that Big Brother 23 would have a black winner. In the history of Big Brother, there has, 1. never been a black winner and, 2. never had a 6 person alliance make it to the end. And how they did it was brilliant.

Six members of Big Brother came in with one goal: to make sure that the first Black winner of Big Brother would be crowned this year.

For a little background, Big Brother is a reality TV show in which 16 strangers share a house together filled with 94 cameras and 194 microphones. No television, social media, or privacy. Everyone comes in to the house with one goal: to win $500,000. Each week, one person is named Head of Household, after winning a competition. This person gets to nominate two people for eviction, who get the chance to compete to win safety, before the house votes on who will be evicted for the week.

The first day of this current season, 6 individuals made a decision that would live on in Big Brother history: to get all of the black contestants to the very end of the game, and then battle it out from there. This was no easy task, but this group was determined to accomplish it. Alliances this size in past seasons would fall apart very quickly, as members would turn against each other. But no past alliance had a cause as important enough to keep them together as ‘The Cookout’ did.

How did they do this? One member of the six, Tiffany Mitchell, came up with a master plan to make sure they had the numbers to stay every week, and to keep them all safe. This is what she proposed: begin the game by making it appear that they are going against each other. The group of six never met as a whole group until near the end. Making other alliances throughout the house ensured that no one would suspect that they would be working together, but they appeared as friends. The second part of the plan is what took them to the end. Each person aligned themselves closely with a member outside of the six, to have someone they could trust and move forward with in the game. Once the players that weren’t aligned at all with the six were gone, the members of ‘The Cookout’ picked off each of their duos, leaving the six alone in the house. They always had the numbers to make sure if someone from ‘The Cookout’ was nominated for eviction, they didn’t have to worry about going home.

The biggest thing that pushed this alliance to end was their mutual trust for each other. They knew, despite how much they butted heads at times, they would always stick to their goal. Some things are bigger than petty arguments and people not getting along well.

Tiffany’s idea was something we’ve never seen happen in Big Brother. It will live in history, at least to me, as the best alliance of all time. I’ve never seen a group of people work so well together without anyone in the house figuring it out. I can’t wait to see who is crowned as the first black winner of Big Brother. The season finale airs live on CBS and Paramount+ on Wednesday, Sept. 29 from 9-11 p.m. Eastern and Pacific.

1 thought on “‘The Cookout’ alliance ensures that the first black winner of Big Brother will be crowned this season”

  1. After reading this post, I’ve decided that I would not do well on a show like “Big Brother”. (I’m more of a “Survivor” gal.) But I am glad you enjoy it and the drama that goes down. I guess you’ll have to wait until the finale to find out who the first Black winner is of “Big Brother.” I hope the candidate who you are rooting for, wins it.


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