Editorial review: mental health awareness

For class, we have been focusing on reading editorials and learning how to write them. I have been struggling a little bit with figuring out how to write an effective, and I thought looking more into editorials that are connected to things I am very passionate about. So I went on a search to find a mental health editorial that I felt like I could really connect with.

Within my searches, I didn’t really find what I was searching for. I wanted to find something that went deeper than scratching the surface on mental health, and I didn’t really find any that I thought were really effective. The editorial I choose, Mental health awareness only grows in urgency, goes a little bit deeper than the others that I have found. This editorial focuses on how mental health needs to be talked about more, especially in hard times like the pandemic. They also give a list of signs to look out for someone who is struggling with their mental health as well as a list of resources.

I plan to write the editorial about mental health that does more than scratch the surface. There’s so much to talk about. We are so ignorant as a society on the reality of mental health. I am so glad that we are at a point where we feel comfortable talking about it and I can’t speak on what life used to be like before mental health wasn’t talked about, but I know there’s so much we need to learn. I want to be able to communicate that to people through an editorial, so hopefully I can improve my skills to get to that point that my editorial can make a difference.

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