My First Editorial: Policy and Supporting Claims

As we are learning more in class about editorials, we have brainstorming ideas on what could be potential editorial ideas for our first editorial that we would plan to write. After exploring two possible topics through research and brainstorming, I decided to go in a different direction from both of them.

The first editorial I would like to write will be the same topic that I wrote briefly about in my first column that I wrote for my blog. In my first column, I discussed my opinions on how we need to push for more education on sexual consent. I believe that we cannot get further in preventing sexual assault unless we have proper education. After comments from students and my professor, I realized that this would be a really good topic to focus my first editorial on, and it is a topic that I am passionate about.

My policy claim is that schools should include the conversation of sexual consent within the sexual education program. My claims that support this are that since there is such little conversations being had about sexual assault and sexual consent that give good and useful information, many people are put into positions that lead to them experiencing sexual assault because they are unsure of what even constitutes as sexual assault. For example, if I asked almost every girl I know, they would tell me that they have had sex when they didn’t want it. Our fight to bring awareness is very strong in this country, but what we struggle with is spreading useful information on the topic.

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